Absolute Pricing for Magento Custom Options

This extension adds an additional option to Magento Custom Options, adding the absolute option to the drop down menu (see fig 1.0)

absolute pricing showing dropdown
fig 1.0 Admin View: Custom Options

This gives site owners addtional control over how a custom option is applied to a products price. With Absolute Pricing for Magento Custom Options a product can have a one off fee/charge added to the base price of the product no matter how many items are added to the shopping cart.

Lets give you an example,
Lets say we have a plain t-shirt at $5.75 (we'll ignore color and size for simplicity), you give your customer the option to have their logo silkscreened onto the front of the t-shirt (via Custom Options). To do this you need to charge the customer for setup and tooling lets say we want to charge $100.00.

Now if we did this without Absolute Pricing for Magento Custom Options and the customer buys 35 t-shirts, they'll be charged ($5.75 + $100.00) x 35 a total of $3701.25, now that's wrong since the customer should only be charged once for tooling.

What we want is to charge the customer ($5.75 x 35) + $100.00 = $301.25. Now that's a huge difference to what we had before.

So how do we do this, we first setup a simple product (or any other type for that matter) go through the normal procedure of setting price, qty, description etc etc, we then go to custom options tab at the bottom and add a custom option to the product, we'll setup the options in a similar manner to the image above (fig 1.0), making sure to make it a required option, and not forgetting to give the customer the option of a zero price as this could be a repeat order.

That's it done, Absolute Pricing for Magento Custom Options setup.

We'll look at a few examples on the next few pages. tutorial